Peyton ~ It's just hard to accept that things like this happen. And not just to Quentin but at all. Ever.

Brooke ~ One out of every 500 people gets assaulted or raped.
There were 30.000 aggravated assaults in our state alone.
Seven thousand robberies, 300 murders, 600 rapes.
It's official. Life sucks and then you die.

Doesen't matter

Deb ~ Antwon. I'm here for you.
Skills ~ Yeah. You're here. Q gone and i'm someplace else.

So easy

B.A Fields  ~ I'm gonna be a musician when I grow up.

Jamie ~ I'm gonna play basketball.

B.A Fields ~ Yeah. I might do that too. My mom makes the best spaghetti in the world.

Jamie ~ My mom makes good macaroni and cheese.

B.A Fields ~ My grandpa can whistle really loud.

Jamie ~ My grandma Deb wears really tight pants.

B.A Fields ~ My favorite animal is a cheetha.

Jamie ~ Mine's a rabbit. Or a tiger. Or a raven.

B.A Fields ~ Yeah. A raven. I'm not going in there. It's too sad. What color is the cape?

Jamie ~ Red.

B.A Fields ~ Cool

Thank You

Denise Fields ~ Coach Scott? I'm Quentins mother, Denise. I wanted to thank you for standing up for my boy the way you did in that last game. It's a shame that we have to meet like this.

Lucas ~ Yes Ma'am, it is.

Denise Fields ~ Coach Taylor. Quentin alwas had so many nice things to say about you. And you too, Nathan. I really appreciate you boys coming here. But I mostly wanted to say thanks to this one. (Haley). My son has always loved basketball. But O gotta tell you, when I came home and found him reading a boo. It just about gave me a heartattack. He said: "Mom, Mrs James Scott.She don't play." He said "She's almost as bad as you are".

Denise Fields ~ I realize that you were all trying to help my boy live up to the greatness that God gave him and you sould be proud of that.

Haley ~ Your strength is inspiring.

Denise Fields ~ My strength is from Jesus Christ. Iam gonna miss my baby boy for the rest of this life. But I know we are gonna see him again and our faith will see us through

One brother, One Friend, The Same pain.

B.A Fields ~ What's your name?

Jamie ~ James Lucas Scott. What's yours?

B.A Fields ~ Well, everyone calles my Dre, but my real name is Brandon Andre Fields. Quentin was my brother.

Jamie ~ Quentin was my friend. I'm making him a cape.

Do not wait!

I was gonna tell him I was proud of him. You know last night when you came by the office and I said I'd just talk to Q tomorrow?
I was gonna tell him how far he's comeand how proud I was of him for that.
You're supposed to get tomorrow. You know?
And that kid was just 17 years old. His life hadn't even started yet.
And the phone rings in the middle of the night and he's just gone.

~Antwon "Skills" Taylor~


Haley ~ I don't know what to say to any of you. I didn't know what to say to my son...who loved Quentin just as much as many of you do. So if you wanna talk about your feelings--

Student ~ What's the point? I mean, he's gone, right? Some idiot shot him and now he's gone forever. So, what's the point?

Haley ~ There is no point.

By Samantha

Quentin Fiends was a basketball player.
He was also a son, a brother, somebody's teammate, somebody's friend.
I didn't know Quentin Fields.
And I guess now I never will.
Did you ever wonder what it would be like if you weren't you anymore?
If you were suddenly gone, how would your world react?
Whatever you imagined is wrong.
There's nothing romantic about death.
Grief is like the ocean.
It's deep and dark and bigger than all of us.
And pain is like a thief in the night.

~Samantha Walker~


Idag börjar ju mitt jullov men också lite One Tree Hill Säsong 6 Episod 3 maraton :) Så varje dag nu kommer ni få en liten text hämtad från "Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly." ända tills texterna är slut och då kommer det slumpvis igen :)
Nyfikna på vilken som är först? Kolla i nästa inlägg!

Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.

Okej. Från och med imorgon ska jag lägga ut ett sånt där "one tree hill-inlägg" om dagen och alla kommer vara tagna från avsnitt 3 Säsong 6; Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. Det är riktigt många i gemfört med hur många jag tar från andra avsnitt och det är mycket troligt att ni inte kommer fatta någonting eller känna samma djup i texterna som jag men ni jag ber er att tänka efter lite för varje text betyder faktisk något bokstavligt också. Så imorgon kommer första alltså :) Enjoy.


Haley ~
I was watching you practice with the team yesterday. You looked so happy. Somebody that was doing exactly what they were born to do. You still love it. Don't you?

Nathan ~ Yeah. I do. Truth is, I could slow down and try play differently.

Haley ~ No, you can't. That's not who you are. You can't do that. Can I tell you a secret though? That's what I love about you. I remember the first time I saw you play when I was tutoring you. You were lika a rockstar out there.

Nathan ~ Basin Borough. You sat next to Keith and you wore that goofy hat.

Haley ~ Whatever.

Nathan ~ I scored 35 points that night and each basket was like my own personal version of a Haley James pickup line.

Haley ~ It worked.

Nathan ~ I played that game for you, Haley, and you know what? I'd give it up for you too. As much as I love playing the game and the person Iam when I play it, I love being a husband and a father more.

No way.

Man ~

Getting marries, huh?

Lucas ~ I hope so. I don't know. We'll see if she shows up.

Man ~ She'll show. I wanna tell you something, son. It's the most important thing there is, love. Finding the right person to spend your life with.

Lucas ~ I know I made the right choise.

Man ~ Yeah. That's where they get you. Thinking you got a choise. Love finds you, son. You don't find love. It's got a little bit to do with destiny, fate, what's written in the stars...a lot to do with the simple fact that most women are smarter than we are. And wily. Your sorry butt never had a chance. But if you wanna belive that you had a choise in the matter...I'd say you made a good one.

Lucas ~ Why's that?

Man ~ Because she showed up. And she sure is pretty.

Forever you'll know

Man ~

Three simple cards, Three beautiful ladies.
It's real simple, son.
All you gotta do is pick one.
Just follow the heart.
Three queens, Three choises.
Just follow the heart.

Lucas ~ That's the one

Man ~ Are you sure?
Well, Well. Looks like you found your queen. Not many do. How'd you know which one to pick?

Lucas ~ Guess I always knew.

Some kind of Love Letter

Dear Keith.
I don't know if you looking at e-mail, but I need to say something.
It's hard for me not to march in and take charge when the people I love are hurting, but I get it now. That's not what you need.
If you have to go through this alone, I'll respect that even if it's not what I want.
I wont call or write again.
Just know that I'm here for you, now and always.



Har suttit i flera timmar och skrivit av mina favorit grejer från One Tree Hill. Håller på med säsong 6 eftersom jag ska kolla igenom den igen. Har kommit till mitt favorit avsnitt av alla 6 säsonger som jag har koll på. Avsnitt 3. Get cape. Wear Cape. Fly.

Jag har aldrig gråtit så mycket åt något på tv (Okej, Kanske Michael Jacksons det är jämt!) som jag gjorde första gången jag sog det. Var helt slut efter det.
Jag är fortfarande inte klar med det avsnittet för jag vill nästan ha med allt! Älskar vartenda ord!

Så bara en liten påminnelse tills då jag kommer lägga upp dem att ni som läser kanske inte kommer fatta någonting och mycket kanske ni tycker är helt onödigt men allt jag lägger upp betyder något för mig!

Lägger upp en gammal sålänge: (I nästa inlägg)

Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.

Åhh! Äntligen har One Tree Hill säsong 6 kommit hem! Eller den kom egentligen iförrgår med jag hinner inte blogga just nu eftersom all min lediga tid går åt till att kolla!

Igår såg jag det sorgligaste avsnittet i One Tree Hills historia; Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.! Usch, jag satt verkligen och grät genom hela avsnittet. Sen såg jag ett till....
Sen imorse hade jag ställt kl på 05.45 och då gick jag upp och såg två till...Gud vad jag älskar den serien!

My mistake

Peyton~ Lucas, I made a mistake. When you said you wanted to be with me, I got scared and I pushed you away.

Lucas~ Peyton.

Peyton~ But, the truth is I want all the same things you want. i do. And I want them with you.

If you lose your way...

"And Hansel said to Gretel:
Let us drop these bread crumbs so that together we find our way home, because losing our way would be the most cruel of things"

Lucas ~ This year I lost my way.

Nathan ~ And losing your way on a journey is unfortunate. But losing your reason for the journey is a fate more cruel.

Peyton ~ The journey lasted eight months. Sometimes I traveled alone. Sometimes there were others who took the wheel and took my heart.

Brooke ~ And once you lose yourself, you have two choices. Find the person you uned to be or lose that person completely.

Mouth ~ Because sometimes you have to step outside of the person you've been and remember the person you were meant to be. The person you wanted to be. The person you are. 

Words by Shaw

"There are two tradgedies in life. One is to lose your heart's desire. The other is to gain it"
~ Shaw

Nathan ~ As far as I'm concerned, Shaw was a punk. 'Cause you know what? Tradgedies happen. What are you gonna do? Give up? Quit?
I realize now that when your heart breaks you got to fight like hell to make sure you're still alive.
Because you are.
And that pain you feel?
That's life.
The confusion and fear?
That's there to remind you that somewhere out there is something better and taht's worth fighting for.

Haley ~ This year I got everything I wanted and everything I wished for. But in a way, I lost even more.

Lucas ~ Shaw was right. As we strain to grasp the things we desire the things we think will make our lives better: Money, popularity, fame. We ignore what truly matters, the simple things like friendship, family, love. The things we probably already had.

Mouth ~ So Mr Shaw thinks that getting your heart's desire is a tradgedy? I say he's wrong. I mean, clearly Shaw never kissed Erica Marsh.

Peyton ~ Yes, losing your hearts desire is tradgic. But gaining your heart's desire? That's all you can hope for. This year I wished for love to immerse myself in someone else and to wake a heart long afraid to feel. My wish was granted. And if having that is tradgic, then give me tradgedy. Because I wouldn't give it back for the world.

A red light

She was driving to school to pick me up.
She was late,
so she ran a red light.
It was one light at the wrong split second,
and it ended for her.
My mum ran one red light.
I ran them all the time but nothing happens.
It's not fair.

~ Peyton Saywer

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