Haley ~
I was watching you practice with the team yesterday. You looked so happy. Somebody that was doing exactly what they were born to do. You still love it. Don't you?

Nathan ~ Yeah. I do. Truth is, I could slow down and try play differently.

Haley ~ No, you can't. That's not who you are. You can't do that. Can I tell you a secret though? That's what I love about you. I remember the first time I saw you play when I was tutoring you. You were lika a rockstar out there.

Nathan ~ Basin Borough. You sat next to Keith and you wore that goofy hat.

Haley ~ Whatever.

Nathan ~ I scored 35 points that night and each basket was like my own personal version of a Haley James pickup line.

Haley ~ It worked.

Nathan ~ I played that game for you, Haley, and you know what? I'd give it up for you too. As much as I love playing the game and the person Iam when I play it, I love being a husband and a father more.


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